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Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care Applications

Includes timely applications of specially blended ingredients to keep your lawn green and healthy through the season. Early spring clean up (raking and 1st mowing) will help us apply our 1st application in a timely manner to get your yard off to a good start.

White Grub Control with Fertilizer

This is a special application to control white grubs, a destructive turf grass insect plus feeding your yard at the same time.

Lawn Aeration (Plugging)

The best possible method to improve water and nutrient intake, relieve soil compaction, reduce thatch and promote healthy grass roots. This application offered separately from our basic four.

For maximum benefit, your lawn must be well watered to a depth of at least 6 inches. Unless noted, we will aerate when timing and soil conditions are best suited. It is home owner’s responsibility to locate underground sprinkler heads and valve boxes prior to aeration.


Dandelions are a perennial weed that are best controlled with a fall application. Easy Lawn has equipment large enough to treat commercial properties and acreages as well as residential lawns.

Turf Diseases

We will diagnose and treat for lawn diseases on an “as needed” basis. Easy Lawn DOES NOT put disease control in any regular lawn care applications.

Our Credentials

We offer over 30 years of experience in lawn care application. Our applicators are trained to apply the lawn care materials to your turf with special attention given when applying around your sensitive flowers, gardens and shrubs.

Convenient Continuous Service
Easy Lawn provides continuous service from year to year. Our automatic sign up system notifies customers in January or February of their previous lawn care program, giving ample time for program changes and pre-season discounts.


Our price structure for lawn care is determined from your yard size with a minimum of $25 fee per application. Invoices will be placed on your FRONT door after each application and contain important watering and mowing information.

Prepay Price Discount

Pre-season discounts are given on pre-paid lawn care of 4 or more applications. A 3% discount is received when paid by March 15th.

Application and Timing Ranges

Timing is crucial for optimum control of weeds and insects. Our applications have specific time ranges best suited for this area. Application and timing ranges

1. Pre-emergent crabgrass and spurge weed control. (First of two applications) Balanced DRY fertilizer.

2. Pre-emergent and post emergent broadleaf weed control. Balanced DRY fertilizer.

3. Slow release balanced DRY fertilizer.

4. Dandelion and broadleaf weed control, balanced DRY fertilizer.

5. White grub control with balanced DRY fertilizer.

6. Spring or Fall Aeration. Fall is usually the preferred time for aeration.

Note: both rounds 1 & 2 MUST be taken for optimum control of crabgrass and spurge!